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Lithuanian Research Centre for Agriculture and Forestry

1 PRIORITY. Promoting environmental wellbeing
Kaunas County
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Lead partner
14869.5 thousands €
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Agroforestry for land use diversification and biodiversity enhancement towards low-carbon economy linking to wild ungulates activity is issue of our time. Our hypothesis is that conversion from agricultural land to agroforestry increases soil organic carbon stocks, its stabile forms, has a positive impact on the enhancement of biodiversity and environmental wellbeing. Such conversion has a positive impact on the increase in biodiversity as well as increase ability of animal species to move between habitats through ecological corridors (i.e. an area connecting habitats of wildlife separated by human activities or structures) and linkage zones, that help halt the decline by promoting improved foraging, breeding and migration routes. Climate change affects the social and environmental determinants of health including air, water, agro- and forest biota.It is necessary to scientifically justify that agroforestry could support agricultural resilience against climatic variability through carbon sequestration, increase soil productivity, and support native fauna in agricultural and forest landscapes maintaining landscape connectivity, heterogeneity, and complexity of vegetation structure.

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