Melkys School

2 PRIORITY. Promoting physical, emotional and cultural wellbeing
Vilnius County
Partner type:
Lead partner
2 000 000 €
Tel. nr.:
Project idea:

Develop the art of being at school community.
In holistic approach. In balance of:
/ human and nature
/ nature and technology
/ mental, emotional and physical approach of human
/ co creation the being together in organisation

About organisation:
“Melkys” school is a vivid school in its development. We: children, parents, teachers, administration – we are create our school together. School is vivid for nine years already and located in nature.

We do have a holistic point of view of education in our school. All the time we are looking for balance between academic development, emotional intellect and physical movement included into daily school life.
This year we came to the point that we have a need to write our methodology of education and how we are creating our school (in collaboration with students, parents, teachers and other personnel of the School). To write in a meaning combine our practical point of You with theoretical issues, arguments and to share it with other schools. Maybe for some it can be helpful in their working hours at their schools.

So we are looking for partners with the same values and holistic point of You in their daily life. For sharing and exchanging experience according the Interreg project issues.

more detailed (first steps of detalization of content for the project):
🌱 methodology of education how can pupils develop academical, emotional and physical skills surrounded by nature
🌱 how can technology, nature and human be together
🌱 co-creation system in building the educational organisation
🌱 teachings how can human grow helped by nature, technology and inclusive education and of course

thank You and warm wishes from Lithuania.

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