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The Warmia and Mazury Center for Lung Diseases in Olsztyn

1 PRIORITY. Promoting environmental wellbeing
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Lead Partner
1 000 000 €
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We are interested in the implementation of Priority 1 – Promoting the well-being of the environment – under the Poland-Lithuania 2021-2027 Program.

A few words about us. The Warmia and Mazury Center for Lung Diseases in Olsztyn is a hospital specializing in the diagnosis and treatment of lung diseases. As a hospital, we have extensive experience in the treatment and diagnosis of all kinds of lung diseases (as well as surgical treatment of the lungs), we also run an innovative project for the diagnosis and treatment of sleep apnea. We also run various types of prevention programs. Our hospital is located in the forest, which is why we are particularly interested in maintaining the green areas around the hospital and limiting all forms of environmental pollution (especially since we treat lung diseases).

On our part, the project we want to implement concerns in particular the implementation of solutions related to the transition to a zero-emission energy economy (purchase and installation of photovoltaic panels and replacement of lighting with more energy-saving ones), focusing on creating a closed water cycle (cleaning water in a closed circuit, using rainwater), the purchase of an electric car and the construction of a waste segregation building, as well as the preservation of the biodiversity of the green areas around the hospital. We also want to share experiences related to the development of environmental awareness and training. We are also open to other joint activities and proposals under Priority 1.

If you are interested in implementing joint actions under Priority 1 of the Poland-Lithuania 2021-2027 Programme, please contact us (e-mail: sekretariat@pulmonologia.olsztyn.pl).

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