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Alytus district Miroslav Gymnasium

2. Promoting physical, emotional and cultural wellbeing
Alytus county
Partner type:
190 000 EUR - 500 000 EUR €
Tel. nr.:
Project idea:

Project name: “Open horizon”

Project description: To install a multifunctional stage for outdoor events, with the help of which it would be possible to create a partnership between two countries, in which the

institutions of both countries would cooperate in the implementation of the project of an outdoor stage with full infrastructure. It would be not only a cultural exchange center,

but also an educational platform promoting intercultural understanding and cooperation. Estrada would be used for a variety of activities, from student theater performances to

concerts by local artists, as well as international cultural festivals and educational events.



  • Modular stage with adjustable stage and seating.
  • Sound and light equipment for professional performances.
  • Technological equipment that allows broadcasting events in real time between partner countries.
  • Collaboration spaces for artists and educators from both countries.
  • Outdoor cinema with a large screen.
  • Green spaces with rest areas.
  • Educational trails.



  • To promote cultural exchange and cooperation between partner countries.
  • Develop bilateral tourism and economic benefits through joint events.
  • Organize joint educational projects and training programs.


Sustainability and integration aspect: The project would be implemented using green materials, renewable energy, based on the principles of sustainability, would have a low impact

on the environment, and would also promote social integration and inclusion.

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