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Białystok County

2. Promoting physical, emotional and cultural wellbeing
Białostocki subregion
Partner type:
Lead partner
250 000 €
Tel. nr.:
Project idea:

Main theme: tourist promotion, creation of a tourist trail “In the Footsteps of Nature” based on landscape, natural and culinary heritage, “slow-life” tourism

Goal: to create a crisis-resistant product supporting economic, social and tourist development
Planned activities:
-study visits to tourist routes
-creation of: a web application, photos of the region,video
-training for broadly understood tourism staff in the field of creation, development, marketing and promotion of tourist routes
-creation of a tourist trail based on natural, cultural and natural heritage
-training for tourist guides and people interested in working as a tourist guide
-purchase of a bus to promote the region’s tourism-purchase of a stand for tourist promotion.

+ Public partner with a stable financial situation (50 million euros in annual revenues)
+ Experienced in obtaining Govermentand European funds, including cross-border programmes (about 40 milion euro in last 6 years)
+ an open mind to joint creation of the project and its modifications
+ successes in obtaining funds from the Program Poland-Ukraine + Poland-Lithuania for 2021-2027 in the amount of EUR 3.5 milion (including green infrastructure and health)
+ we are able to guarantee the writing of the entire project (of course, after determining the scope of the investment, developing a joint concept and providing the necessary data).

We invite you to cooperate and contact us.

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