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The Monitoring Committee for the second time met online on 19 July 2023 to discuss the progress and developments within the Programme. The JS presented the statistics of the 1st Call for Proposals, such as the number of submitted applications by priorities, requested financing and distribution by regions.

As the Programme is undergoing amendments, the updated analysis of the Needs and Potentials, proposed changes in priorities, result and output indicators and their values were presented and discussed. In addition, the AMI expert introduced outcomes of revised analysis and report on the Touristic cross-border functional area. The committee members agreed on the amended Programme document and decided to finally approve it by the written procedure before official submission to the European Commission.

Participants also discussed the implementation schedule of the Programme and its technical assistance budget. The next Monitoring Committee meeting is planned to be organized at the end of September 2023 in Poland. The main issue on the agenda is to select projects for the Programme funding within the 1st Call for Proposals.

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