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During the 3rd meeting of the Monitoring Committee (MC) of the Interreg VI-A Lithuania-Poland 2021-2027 Cross-border Cooperation Programme which was held in Augustów, Poland, 24 applications have been selected for the Programme funding. The total amount to be allocated to the projects is nearly 19 MEUR (over 15 ERDF).

The 1st call for proposals was open from 9 January 2023 till 28 April 2023. 131 applications have been submitted.

Each Lead Partner will be informed individually on the application(-s) submitted. Contracting of selected projects is planned for December 2023.


Priority: 1 – Promoting environmental wellbeing

Specific Objective 1.1: Enhancing protection and preservation of nature, biodiversity and green infrastructure, including in urban areas, and reducing all forms of pollution

1 LTPL00027 Water ecological network – cross-border concept of protection and revitalization of rivers and lakes
2 LTPL00041 Green Minded Cooperation
3 LTPL00050 Improvement of green infrastructure in the urban areas in the cross-border region
4 LTPL00107 Strengthening the cooperation between countries and performing joint activities for reducing environmental pollution and implementation of preventive actions for environmental protection (LT-PL)
5 LTPL00143 Preparation for forest extinguishing in the Lithuanian-Polish border area


Priority: 2 – Promoting physical, emotional and cultural wellbeing

Specific Objective 2.1: Ensuring equal access to health care and fostering resilience of health systems, including primary care, and promoting the transition from institutional to family- and community-based care

1 LTPL00015 Emergency care for crisis situations
2 LTPL00022 Provision of high quality medical services in the Polish-Lithuanian border area, focusing on surgical treatment and  prevention of life-threatening diseases
3 LTPL00032 We move the borders – cross-border cooperation between Poland and Lithuania
4 LTPL00082 Making rehabilitation services for children and adults in the cross-border region more accessible and better quality
5 LTPL00130 Eliminate neglect in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer in particular by strengthening health services in the Polish-Lithuanian border region
6 LTPL00174 Polish-Lithuanian cooperation to support the accessibility and quality of medical services in the Białystok County and Švenčionys Municipality
7 LTPL00204 Implementation of the Prevention Programme of the Digestive Tract Diseases in podlaskie voivodeship and taurage county through the useness of highly specialised medical equipment and telemedicine tool


Priority: 2 – Promoting physical, emotional and cultural wellbeing

Specific Objective 2.2: Enhancing the role of culture and sustainable tourism in economic development, social inclusion and social innovation

1 LTPL00009 The cross-border road to memories infinity
2 LTPL00079 Cross-border tourism capsule – creation and promotion of Polish-Lithuanian tourist route E-11 using innovative solutions.
3 LTPL00106 Sustainable Culture for Sustainable Tourism
4 LTPL00145 Forest Tree Beekeeping – A Tradition Without Borders
5 LTPL00210 Actively connecting generations in Trakai and Gižycko: fostering integration and joint sports and cultural activities for children, youth, adults, and seniors across borders


Priority: 3 – Strengthening cooperation of local stakeholders

Specific Objective 3.1: Build up mutual trust, in particular by encouraging people-to-people actions

1 LTPL00046 Sports borderland – promotion of sport and healthy lifestyle of cross-border region


Priority: 3 – Strengthening cooperation of local stakeholders

Specific Objective 3.2: Other actions to support better cooperation governance

1 LTPL00002 The strengthening of security at the territory of Lithuanian-Polish border
2 LTPL00055 Safer together – increasing security in the Polish-Lithuanian border region by intensifying police cooperation
3 LTPL00078 Strengthening cooperation between Lithuanian and Polish rescue services in liquidation of chemical and ecological accidents
4 LTPL00095 Improving of co-operation management in the context of tourism security in the Lithuanian-Polish border region
5 LTPL00108 Wisdom and growth for cross border communities
6 LTPL00149 Growing cross border grains

More information about the selected projects will follow soon.


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